5 benefits of volunteering as a family

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Volunteering as a family can be rewarding and enhance your overall experience for both adults and children. More families are looking toward volunteering to spend time together.

The Benefits

Better quality time while strengthening your community:

Learning New Values

Children learn through observation and mirror this behaviour. When family members exhibit compassionate behaviours, young children mirror the actions. Volunteering with your children teaches other values and responsibility.

Spend Quality Time Together

We are ever so busy, but dedicating time together can have a positive impact. When you volunteer with your child you strengthen family bonds, all while making a difference in the community. Seek to understand your child needs. Encourage them to learn more about helping others.

Having a conversation about volunteering will help ensure the children are prepared for the future and have more compassion.

Learning is the key

Volunteering may help children to develop interpersonal skills and develop important skills and habits such as teamwork, organisational skills and more.

Your child will develop life skills that may prove to be invaluable in later life.

Fun Days

Volunteering can be fun and very beneficial to both adults and children by creating a powerful bonding and unforgettable experience.

Where can I volunteer?

Many people want to volunteer, but do not know where to look for volunteer activities that will excite the entire family.

We will suggest involving the young individuals in the selection process and discuss the possible options about causes they might be interested in.

For example:

- Working with the elderly

- Working with hospitalised children

- Help in foodbanks

- Outdoor activities

- Charity event

- Local clubs

- Visit your community centre

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